What Is Alexander Hamilton Famous For?

Dennis K. Johnson/Lonely Planet Images/Getty Images

Alexander Hamilton is famous for becoming the first secretary of the treasury and for being a major author of the Federalist papers. He was also instrumental in convincing the delegates of New York to agree to the ratification of the U.S. Constitution. President George Washington appointed Hamilton as secretary of the treasury on Sept. 11, 1789. Hamilton continued performing his duties in this position until January 1795.

One of Hamilton’s accomplishments as the secretary of the treasury was convincing Congress to agree to establish a mint to produce American money. He later helped with the establishment of that institution. Prior to becoming secretary of the treasury and writing 51 of the articles in the Federalist papers, Hamilton participated in the Revolutionary War.

After his time in the secretary of the treasury office was over, Hamilton remained active in politics. He was instrumental in helping Thomas Jefferson win the presidency; however, when it came time for re-election, President Jefferson removed Vice President Burr from the ticket. Burr then ran unsuccessfully for the governorship of New York. Burr was enraged to read in the newspaper disparaging remarks made by Hamilton about Burr’s fitness for public office. The acrimony between Burr and Hamilton led to a duel. Hamilton’s gun shot missed Burr, but Burr’s gun shot and killed Hamilton.