At What Age Did King Tut Marry?

King Tut married his half-sister Ankhesenamun at the age of 9. While early Egyptian pharaohs married members of the local nobility to strengthen their political ties, later rulers frequently married their sisters or half-sisters to maintain the purity of the royal house. Akhenaten, King Tut's father, married his own daughters.

While King Tut, or Tutankhamun as he was known in is his time, is well-known for the discovery of his tomb, he was an unremarkable ruler in his own day. His father's focus on promoting the worship of the sun disk Aten caused him to neglect foreign and domestic affairs alike, putting Egypt in a precarious situation. While King Tut was somewhat effective at strengthening the country, his death at the age of 19 undid most of his work and, because both of his daughters were stillborn, a period of political instability ensued.