What African Country Was Invaded by Italy in 1935?

african-country-invaded-italy-1935 Credit: EyeOn/Universal Images Group/Getty Images

Italy invaded Ethiopia in 1935 and later subjugated the country. Italy had previously tried to colonize the country in the 1890s, and Ethiopia was one of the few African states that maintained independence before the invasion.

Italian leader Benito Mussolini justified an invasion of Ethiopia because of a border dispute with Somalia, which was under the control of Italy, and he rejected all deals before invading the country. The Italian army was able to defeat the ill-equipped armies of Ethiopia and conquered the country in 1936. Emperor Haile Selassie of Ethiopia was forced into exile, and Mussolini crowned Italian king Victor Emmanuel III as the new emperor of the African state. Mussolini also appointed General Pietro Badoglio, who was one of the generals in charge of the Ethiopian campaign, as viceroy.