What Is Aeschylus Famous For?


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Aeschylus was a Greek tragedian who lived from 525 to 456 B.C. While we know the titles of 71 plays of the 90 he is alleged to have written, only seven still exist today.

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Aeschylus is probably best known for two plays, "Prometheus Unbound" and "Seven Against Thebes," as well as the Orestean Trilogy. He was born near Athens into a noble family and was inspired to write by a dream about Dionysus, according to TheatreHistory.com. He introduced multiple innovations into theater, including a second main character and a chorus integrated into the action instead of standing apart from it. He died in Sicily at the age of 70. An apocryphal story claims that he died when an eagle mistook his bald head for a stone and dropped a tortoise on it to break its shell, but this is almost certainly a fabrication.

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