What Are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Information Technology?


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Information technology, or IT for short, may help businesses grow and attract new clients and expose individuals to key networks, but when used improperly, it may lead to tarnished reputations and even provide criminal evidence. Businesses and individuals use technology on a daily basis, from phones and computers to tablets and marketing campaigns. Technology finds use in the communication, education, health and business sectors.

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Information technology may help businesses gain critical exposure to new consumers, allowing them to drive sales and increase revenue. Many businesses gain competitive advantages when they integrate this technology into their sales and marketing strategies. However, the use of IT reduces the need for manual labor, which leaves employees vulnerable to job loss. This technology, by driving sales, can tremendously increase ROI. This helps companies expand and increase product output but might also lead employees and managers into a state of complacency. Information technology is also beneficial in the sense that it is stored in one location, generally a home or business office, making it easily and quickly accessible to those who need access. However, a security breach or loss of data can erase databases, leaving companies and individuals vulnerable to crippling losses.

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