What Are the Achievements of Manuel Roxas?

Manuel Roxas was elected in 1946 as the first president of the Republic of the Philippines and is credited with bringing the nation out of post-war economic and social destitution. Roxas established himself as a prominent political leader, instituting several key political and economic policies while in office.

President Manuel Roxas assumed the position of president of the independent Republic of the Philippines in 1946, and led that nation through the end of 1948. Roxas acted as the secretary of finance in the newly established Commonwealth prior to running for position of president and was part of a convention that planned and established a formal constitution for the Philippines. Roxas assumed position of the president as a representative of the liberal arm of the Nacionalista (Nationalist) Party. He won the popular and electoral votes of his fellow Philippine citizens and assumed his role as president on July 4, 1946. Roxas took office in a post-war state, and is credited with securing critical foreign aid to help revitalize the nation and its economy. While in office, Roxas implemented the Bell Trade Act, also called the Philippine Trade Act, which gave developed nations, particularly the United States, access to the natural resources of the Philippines in exchange for financial assistance. Roxas also established the Military Bases Agreement, which granted the United States the authority to use military bases in the Philippines for its operations.