What Are the Accomplishments of Simon Bolivar?

Simon Bolivar was a military leaders and political mogul who was instrumental in the revolution against the Spanish empire. He and his followers invaded Venezuela in 1813, which resulted in the creation of the Venezuelan Second Republic, one of his great accomplishments. The Republic of Bolivia was named after him.

Simon Bolivar's accomplishments also include the creation of Gran Colombia, a sprawling empire. The federation included what is known now as Venezuela, Panama, Ecuador and Colombia. In 1824, he became the dictator of Peru, and shortly thereafter in 1825, Bolivia was created.

Simon Bolivar is acknowledged as being an integral part of the unification of South American countries in a federation not controlled by Spain. However, the intentions he had to create a union of states similar to the United States were not to be; he had to declare himself a dictator in 1828 to retain control temporarily. He resigned in 1830, the same year he died from tuberculosis.