What Are Some Accomplishments of Eleanor Roosevelt?

Eleanor Roosevelt's most notable accomplishments include transforming the role of the first lady, co-founding Val-Kill Industries and overseeing the drafting of the Universal Human Declaration of Rights. Roosevelt was a notable champion for women's rights and civil rights throughout her political career.

Roosevelt achieved many monumental successes throughout her life, including numerous achievements prior to her time as first lady. As early as 1903, Roosevelt taught at the Junior League of New York, leading calisthenics and dancing classes made up of first generation immigrants. She also worked in the Consumers' League to advocate for garment workers. In 1919, Roosevelt volunteered at St. Elizabeth Hospital to visit veterans of World War I as well as volunteered at the International Congress of Working Women in Washington, D.C.. Roosevelt also served as a member of the Women's Trade Union League and the Women's Division of the Democratic State Committee. Roosevelt, alongside Marion Dickerman and Nancy Cook, owned the Todhunter School where Roosevelt taught history and literature classes. In 1928, Roosevelt was appointed the director of the Bureau of Women's Activities by the Democratic National Committee.

As first lady, Roosevelt served as the liaison between her husband, President Franklin Roosevelt, and the NAACP. In 1939, the first lady defied segregation laws by sitting between white and black attendees at the Southern Conference for Human Welfare in Birmingham, Ala.