What Are Some 21st Century Discoveries?


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There have been a number of important 21st century discoveries, mostly in the fields of science and technology. According to ScienceAdvice.org, some of the most crucial discoveries include the mapping of the human genome, the advances in cybernetics and proof of the existence of dark matter.

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The mapping of the 23 chromosomes that comprise every human cell took an international team of scientists over a decade. A rough outline of the human genome was published in 2000, followed by a completed version in 2003. The genome project promises to reveal unparalleled information about the human body, from normal functions to mental and physical diseases.

Though the research on cybernetics is still in its infancy, scientists have conducted experiments that allowed monkeys to manipulate robotic arms using electrodes implanted in their brains. A few isolated experiments have even allowed humans to control robotic and biomechanical limbs.

Finally, dark matter, a type of invisible material that comprises much of the universe, was long hypothesized by scientists, but it was not until 2006 that they could prove its existence. By carefully weighing gas and stars between two clusters of galaxies, scientists confirmed dark matter's existence ? though they still cannot say exactly what it is. This discovery, however, promises to help future researchers better understand these mysterious particles.

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