Why Was Winston Churchill a Good Leader?

Central Press/Hulton Archive/Getty Images

Winston Churchill was widely regarded as a strong, capable leader in large part owing to his ability to inspire others, as well as his gift as an orator and his sustained courage and insight into military and political strategy. Churchill took charge and helped British citizens take heart during the darkest days of World War II. No matter how much the Germans bombed England, he maintained a positive attitude.

Aides to Churchill said he was able to inspire so many people by drawing on his own determined, optimistic character and seemingly endless supply of enthusiasm.

Churchill refused to tolerate pessimism among his staff during World War II. This, said his aides, was what set the tone of Britain’s part in the war. He routinely shored up the courage of the British people through his speeches, which lent the nation a sense of unity.

When the Germans began bombing in earnest during the Blitz, Churchill remained in London with other city dwellers rather than fleeing the city. He even took his turn on rooftops fire-spotting.

In the end, Churchill was proven right about his prediction that Great Britain would prevail over Hitler and his forces, further establishing the British statesman as a legendary leader.