What Weapons Were Used by the Blackfoot Indians?

Marilyn Angel Wynn/Nativestock/Getty Images

Blackfoot Indians used a variety of tools for hunting and warfare, and their arsenal of weaponry included the longbow, knives and mauls. They also used firearms after coming into contact with early European settlers.

The Blackfoot Confederacy is a First Nations tribe located along the borders of Alberta, Canada and Montana. The longbow was the usual weapon used when hunting buffalo, which is important because the tribe used buffalo as its main food source. Blackfoot Indians employed a method known as the buffalo jump, in which large herds of bison were chased on horseback and driven off a cliff. Knives and bows were then used to kill the injured or dead buffaloes and collect their meat and hides.

Weapons were also employed during warfare with both white settlers and rival tribes, who included the Crow, Cheyenne, Cree and Sioux nations. The longbow was used for long-range attacks, while the maul and knife were used for close-quarters combat. The knife was also used for scalping. The maul is a tomahawk-like weapon that has a blunt edge, and it is designed to inflict blunt force trauma on its victims. By the mid-1700s, tribe members also became adept at using firearms after obtaining the weapons from European colonists.