Which Tools and Weapons Did the Navajos Use?

The Navajos used bows and arrows, spears, clubs, tomahawks, knives and sticks among their tools and weapons. Beyond these, they also used bolas and blowguns.

The Navajos employed the use of several tools and weapons:

  • Bows and arrows were used by Native Americans to defend themselves, and sometimes for fishing. They also used them for hunting animals like bison.
  • When fighting against European explorers, Native Americans used spears. Spears were also used for hunting.
  • War clubs were heavy clubs, sometimes featuring a spear on the end. In addition to using them for war, they were used during executions and some ceremonies.
  • Tomahawks were usually used during battles. They were employed during hand-to-hand combat, and were sometimes thrown at enemies across short distances.
  • Copper knives were particularly popular among Native Americans, and were used for making homes as well as during combat.
  • Swords did not become popular among tribes until Europeans introduced them during periods of exploration. In addition to using them for battle, warriors could decapitate horses with them.
  • Bolas were ropes featuring heavy balls at either end. Native Americans could use them to throw at animals and entangle them while hunting or fighting invaders.
  • Blowguns and darts were used to shoot poison at birds, but were rarely employed while fighting.