What Is Prince Harry’s Full Given Name?

Prince Henry, the younger brother of Prince William and son of Prince Charles and Princess Diana of the United Kingdom, was born on September 15, 1984 under the full name of Prince Henry Charles Albert David of Wales. The current British royal family is from the House of Windsor, and the surname Mountbatten-Windsor is typically not used, with the territorial suffix of ‘of Wales’ or simply ‘Wales’ standing in for the surname. For example, in his capacity as a member of the British Military, Prince Harry is known as Harry Wales, with ‘Wales’ serving as his official surname.

According to the official website of the British royal family, he is “always known as Prince Harry,” in spite of being officially titled as Prince Henry. He uses the name ‘Harry’ in a professional capacity as an officer in the British Army; as of 2014, he has achieved the rank of Captain, and he is formally addressed in military settings as Captain Harry Wales. Captain Wales serves in the Army Air Corps and has been a member of the armed service since 2005. During his time in the military, Prince Harry has served tours in Afghanistan, but was barred from serving in Iraq due to concerns over his value as a target for enemy forces.