What Are Natural Resources in California?

David McNew / Staff/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Natural resources in California include waterways such as the San Joaquin Delta, the Pacific Ocean coastline, natural parks, plants and wildlife, and numerous habitats and ecosystems. Natural resources in California provide many economic and aesthetic benefits. The San Joaquin Delta, for instance, serves as a vital source of drinking water to millions of California residents and also provides a home for numerous species of plants and wildlife that thrive on land and in aquatic areas.

In addition to freshwater supplies, California contains a vast coastline that extends over 1,000 miles, includes sandy beaches and supports many types of marine creatures. In addition to water-based natural resources, California contains vast areas of state and national parks, which culminate a large portion of its terrestrial natural resources. Nearly 300 parks exist within the borders of California, and include territories across the state. In the northern part of California, parks contain and protect ancient Redwood trees, while parks in the southern region contain fragile and vulnerable deserts and beaches. California parks protect threatened species of rhododendron, along with the plants’ habitat. State parks also preserve culturally significant areas such as adobe buildings, monuments, and Native American sites along with monuments, lighthouses and even haunted ghost towns.