Who Are the Muckrakers of Today?

Some of the muckrakers of today are Paul Krugman, Jacob Hacker, Paul Pierson and Gretchen Morgenson, suggests Huffington Post. These writers produce pieces on social, political and economic reform; however, they do not have the popularity of the original muckrakers.

It is very difficult to compare modern journalists to the muckrakers. The muckraker journalist movement of the United States happened in the early 1900s during the Progressive Era. The reason these writers gained so much popularity is because they were published each month in magazines, and they clearly defined who the “villain” was, suggests Harvard’s NiemanReports. Today, there is less of a national consensus on who the “villains” are, but nonetheless, many writers are calling for reform and progression in journals such as “The Nation” and “The Progressive.”