How Do You Make Your Delta Air Lines Seat Selection?

To make a Delta airlines’ seat selection, find the link that reads Select Seats, which appears at the fourth step while booking a ticket. Seats can also be selected by accessing the My Trips page on the official website. Delta has certain rules for seat selection.

The fourth step for ticket booking with Delta, Review and Purchase, comes after the flight is selected and the traveler information is provided. The Select Seats link is located on this step. Delta allows passengers to select their seats in advance, a maximum of 331 days before the flight is to depart.

Delta airlines requires the passenger to meet certain qualification criteria for buffer row and exit row seats. Buffer row seats are generally reserved for unaccompanied minors, the disabled and those who need oxygen. Exit row seats are usually assigned to those who can understand the directions for operating the emergency exit, who are physically able and not under 15 years of age and those who do not need seat extensions.

Seats are automatically assigned for passengers flying on the Basic Economy fare. However, fliers paying the full fare or the Y-level fares and members of Sky Miles Medallion can reserve a Preferred Seat when booking online. Some Preferred Seats are also assigned to non-members by gate agents before flight departure.