What Are the Major Industries in Brazil?

Major industries in Brazil include petroleum, steel, iron and chemical production, auto assembly, mining and processing of petroleum products, cement manufacture and technology based industries. Brazil also has around 500 pharmaceutical labs and plants and produces electrical equipment, aircraft, textiles, pulp and paper and durable goods.

The electronic industry produces computers, TV sets, refrigerators, radios, air conditioners and other appliances. Tourism is also a major industry. Brazil has the largest economy in Latin America and an active labor force around 107 million. Industry is mostly concentrated in the southeast and southern portions of the country, including Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo, Porto Alegre, Campinas and Belo Horizonte.

In the agriculture industry, Brazil has been the number one producer of coffee for 150 years and is the largest producer of beef cattle in the world. It is also the biggest producer of tropical fruits and sugarcane. Brazil produces large amounts of corn, cotton, soybeans, tobacco and cocoa. Major exports include electrical equipment, aircraft, ethanol, automobiles, iron ore, steel, textiles, footwear, coffee, soybeans, corned beef and orange juice.

Brazil contains large deposits of iron and manganese. The country also has significant deposits of tin, nickel, copper, chromite, tungsten, lead, gold, zinc, bauxite and beryllium.