How Does the Holocaust Affect the World Today?

The Jewish Holocaust affects the world today through conflict in the Middle East. Nazi persecution of Jewish people in Germany, and eventually most of Europe, caused a mass exodus to Palestine, a region in the Middle East already occupied by a Muslim population.

The Jewish Holocaust, perpetrated by the Nazi Regime between 1939 and 1945, set in motion a mass immigration of Jewish people out of Europe and into Palestine. At the time, Palestine was under British administrative control but was populated by an Arab Muslim majority. British officials tried to limit the immigration of Jews, which would limit conflict between residents and settlers. However, the Jewish immigrants refused to go elsewhere. They considered Palestine the Zionist holy land of Israel, and world opinion finally pressured the British government to allow the immigrants legal passage.

Jewish settlement immediately caused civil strife that led to British withdrawal and the United Nation’s partition of Palestine. The Jewish people declared the independence of the Israeli state, and the Arab nations of the Middle East aligned to expel them. This conflict led to military aggression between the Israeli Haganah and Muslim Fedahim and caused multiple wars between the Arab and Israeli people over the occupation of the Holy Land.