Why Did George W. Bush Declare War on Iraq?

Charles Ommanney/Getty Images News/Getty Images

President George W. Bush invaded Iraq because his administration believed Saddam Hussein had chemical and biological weapons of mass destruction hidden in Iraq, states MSNBC.com. Bush expressed fears to the American public that those weapons of mass destruction would be used to harm the United States in a terrorist attack. After the invasion of Iraq in 2003, no weapons of mass destruction were discovered.

Much contention surrounds Bush’s reasons for declaring war on Iraq. Many of his supporters believe that despite the false claims regarding weapons of mass destruction, Bush was passionate about bringing democracy to the nation. However, the Iraq war instead brought the country hundreds of thousands of casualties and severely damaged infrastructure. Many believe the war was unsuccessful in its aim to deter terrorist activity. Dissenters believe the Bush administration, particularly Vice President Dick Cheney, intentionally misled the American public in order to secure holdings for the oil industry. An MSNBC analysis of the incident reveals that many believe that Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfield came to the White House with the desire to start a war in Iraq. While the dispute continues, the fact remains one of Bush’s goals in invading Iraq was to depose Saddam Hussein, and he was successful in that mission.