What Are Some Zero-Point Foods for Weight Watchers?

Zero-point foods on Weight Watchers include many fruits, vegetables and some condiments. Foods on the list from a natural source, such as apples or cabbage, are true zero-point foods, with a higher nutritional value than man-made foods, such as whipped topping.

Most zero-point foods still add calories to the diet. The concept behind zero-point foods is to give dieters a break from counting low-calorie foods that do not normally add to weight gain. The recommended 2-tablespoon serving of whipped topping adds practically no calories to the daily intake. However, if the dieter consumes the 25 servings in an entire tub of whipped topping, the plan no longer allows him to consider it as a zero-point food. Instead, he should add eight points to his daily intake.

The eating plan takes the calories in the zero-point foods into account by suggesting members limit their consumption to five of them per day. The dieter might choose to add the 2-tablespoon serving of topping to fruit at lunch and again at dinner. However, the system requires balancing those servings by consuming only three more of the foods on the list for the day. Dieters who consume more than five servings daily increase their chance or reaching a plateau in their weight loss progress.