Are Zero-Carb Snacks Good for You?


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Some low-carb snacks and recipes are beneficial as long as they do not have excessive sweeteners or chemical preservatives to make up for the taste. Almost all snacks have at least some carbohydrates, according to SFGate, with meats being the exception.

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Are Zero-Carb Snacks Good for You?
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Foods with higher nutritional values are one of the benefits of low-carb snack options such as cheese or ham, according to WebMD. Low-carb snacks eliminate sugar and fats from the diet, sometimes at the cost of flavor, although this doesn't have to be the case. High-carb foods are not necessarily unhealthy, states About.com. However, in the realm of snacking, high carbohydrates generally mean that the snack is sugary, fatty or filled with chemicals. Lower-carb alternatives such as berries, granola bars or salads can help satisfy a craving without consuming unhealthy ingredients.

A benefit of zero-carb snacks are that there is less chance for the snacks to translate into weight gain. However, it may not benefit a person's health if the foods are loaded with preservatives to make the snack tasty, according to WebMD. They should be full of protein, good fiber and a small amount of fat. The best, and most common, low-carb options are simple things such as eggs, ham and tuna salad, which are easily worked into the diet between meals.

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