What Are Zero-Carb Foods?


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Foods that contain zero carbohydrates include those from the meat group, condiments and seasonings, including oils, coffee and tea with no condiments, such as sugar or creamer added. While many vegetables contain carbohydrates, there is one plant, butterhead lettuce, that contains no carbohydrates.

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What Are Zero-Carb Foods?
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While many diet or eating plans advise the dieter to watch his intake of carbohydrates, nutritional experts believe the type of carbohydrates eaten is more important than the actual amount eaten. Carbohydrates sourced from whole grain foods are considered healthier than those from refined foods. Carbohydrates are an important and necessary nutrient for the body. They provide it with glucose, a primary source of energy. They permit the body to perform its basic daily functions as well as enable it to partake in physical activity that is often recommended in any plan to lose weight or maintain healthy weight. Carbohydrates sourced from whole grains or minimally processed foods make better sources of vitamins and nutrients. To increase the number of healthy carbohydrates in the diet, consume more whole grains, including choosing whole grain bread for lunch and snacks. Whole foods may be incorporated into the diet with foods other than bread, such as those found in salads.

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