What is Zantac used to treat?


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Zantac, also called ranitidine, is a histamine receptor blocker used to treat conditions that involve problems with stomach acid, explains Drugs.com. Stomach ulcers, heartburn and gastroesophageal reflux disease are common conditions treated by Zantac, while Zollinger-Ellison syndrome and gastroparesis are rarer conditions that may improve with the use of Zantac.

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Zantac or other histamine receptor blockers often are sufficient to treat mild cases of the common conditions, states the Gastroparesis & Dysmotilities Association.

Zollinger-Ellison syndrome is a rare disease that involves both tumors and ulcers in the digestive tract, states WebMD.

Gastroparesis is an uncommon condition in which the stomach has limited functioning and may be partially paralyzed, according to Digestive Health Physicians of Fort Myers, Florida. Doctors may prescribe Zantac for either condition, though Zantac alone is usually not enough to treat the stomach acid problems associated with these disorders.

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