What Yoga Positions Can Be Learned From Home With Video Tutorials?


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Almost any yoga pose can be learned with home videos, but gradual progression is best for beginners. Yoga poses that resemble everyday postures are great places to start. Performed with conscious intention, these poses become yoga and include easy pose, corpse pose and mountain pose.

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What Yoga Positions Can Be Learned From Home With Video Tutorials?
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There are numerous, free online resources to help beginners with yoga. The Yoga Journal magazine established in 1975 has a web version with helpful beginners' videos YogaJournal.com.

A beginner at yoga should be free of any contraindications to start a yoga practice, and should note any special adaptations she may need for issues with blood pressure or joints. Wearing comfortable clothing and removing any footwear are first steps in preparation for yoga. Typically, yoga practice includes a conscious breathing portion to calm the body, an active portion of yoga poses and a final relaxation. It's recommended to start with breathing, or pranayama, to clear the mind and energize the body. Older people or those new to exercise may want to devote more time to deep breathing during their practice.

A beginner chooses a few simple poses to start the active portion of the yoga practice, only attempting one or two to start. Videos can instruct beginners on how to complete the yoga session with a corpse pose.

The benefits of a home practice include better stress management, pain relief, greater flexibility, weight management, cardiovascular conditioning and inner peace.

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