What Are Some Yoga Poses for Back Pain?


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According to Everyday Health, yoga poses such as "downward-facing dog," "child's pose" and "pigeon pose" help relieve back pain. Daily practice of these poses improves flexibility and circulation, and it may lessen pain caused by muscle tension. If experiencing severe or unexplained back pain, it is important to consult first with a doctor to rule out any potentially serious conditions that could be exacerbated by practicing yoga.

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What Are Some Yoga Poses for Back Pain?
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Some back pain may be treated with yoga. One University of Washington study claims those who practice yoga rely less on medication for back pain than those who do not.

Downward-facing dog is a simple yoga pose that benefits the entire body, including the back. Begin on the hands and knees, straightening the arms and legs until the body is in an upside-down "V" position. Press the heels down and hold the stretch.

Child's pose offers a gentle stretch for the spine. Start on the hands and knees and sit back towards the heels. Arms stretch out over the head with the palms flat on the floor. The neck is relaxed, allowing the forehead to rest towards the floor.

Pigeon pose is more advanced, but this hip-flexor stretch is effective for lower-back pain. Begin in downward-facing dog and bring one knee towards the chest. Turn the knee out and sink into the floor. Keep the back leg straight and feel the stretch in the hip. Repeat on the other side.

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