Are Yoga and Meditation Good Methods of Reducing High Blood Pressure?


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Yoga and meditation can be good methods for the reduction of high blood pressure, stress and heart disease. The American Heart Association states that recent studies showed good results in regards to meditation and the reduction of blood pressure. Similarly, the health benefits of yoga include that it can be helpful in the management of medical conditions like hypertension, depression and insomnia, according to the Mayo Clinic.

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Are Yoga and Meditation Good Methods of Reducing High Blood Pressure?
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Meditation practices involve using deep breathing techniques, concentration and contemplation as a way of stilling the mind that can lead to the reduction of stress. Although meditation also may be beneficial for hypertension, a person should also incorporate lifestyle changes that include eating healthy food, reducing salt intake, lose weight if a person is overweight and exercise, suggests the American Heart Association. Likewise, a person should also take his medication if a doctor has prescribed them for hypertension.

Yoga practices involve poses and breathing techniques that engage both the mind and body. Although there are many forms of yoga practices, hatha yoga may be beneficial for stress, relates the Mayo Clinic.

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