Is Yoga Good for Weight Loss?


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Yoga can help a person lose weight, because it burns calories. It also helps people feel relaxed and content, which may prevent a person from overeating or taking part in other unhealthy activities.

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Any physical activity, including yoga, burns calories. However, yoga is a low-impact exercise and does not burn calories as quickly as cardio or aerobic workouts. It is an ideal supplement to high-impact exercise and strength training. Yoga positions stretch the muscles and keep them flexible. This flexibility can prevent the straining or pulling of a muscle during other types of exercise. It also gives many people a sense of stress relief or happiness.

Power yoga is more likely to help a person achieve weight loss than the traditional form. It involves vigorous movements and static poses combined with traditional breathing techniques. The exercises blend conventional poses with aerobic movement. Power yoga also strengthens and tones the muscles. The workout is a balanced way to get fit. Beginners should start slowly and practice the conventional yoga poses first. As they become comfortable with how yoga poses and breathing work together, they can begin power yoga. The exercises are convenient because they combine several elements into one complete workout.

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