What Is Yellow Lupin Used to Treat?


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Although yellow lupin is used for treating conditions, such as urinary disorders, skin conditions, fluid retention problems, worms and others disorders, there is insufficient evidence from medical research supporting claims of effectiveness in treating these disorders. There are also safety concerns about taking yellow lupin by mouth, according to WebMD.

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Seeds and other above ground portions of the yellow lupin herb are made into medications. These medications are either ingested in pill form or applied directly to the skin. There is little evidence about the side effects experienced when applying yellow lupin directly to the skin, but there are several possible side effects from ingesting lupin. Side effects, such as vomiting, swallowing problems, heart problems, paralysis or breathing problems, can be severe. The severity of the breathing issues may also cause death, states WebMD.

As a safety precaution, it is not recommended that pregnant or breastfeeding women ingest yellow lupin. The product travels through breast milk and symptoms may affect the nursing child. Before using this product, seeking medical advice or advice from a pharmacist may help in determining the appropriateness of this treatment. Refer to the product label for dosing instructions and discuss the effects of the treatment with a medical professional, says WebMD.

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