How Is Yacon Syrup Used to Treat Diabetes?

Studies show that yacon supplementation over time reduces blood sugar and thus helps in treating diabetes, according to a study published on National Center for Biotechnology Information. Yacon is a tuber with a low-caloric value and a high-fiber content that may benefit diabetics through its effects on hepatic insulin sensitivity.

In one study, 6.5 percent of a rat's diet consisted of yacon for five weeks and has been shown to be beneficial for diabetes, as reported by NCBI. In another study on humans, people were fed 0.14?grams per kilogram of body weight of yacon syrup per day for four months and had benefits such as weight loss and reduced blood glucose levels.

In Japan, yacon is recommended to people with diabetes and various digestive diseases, notes a study listed by NCBI. The studies done on yacon indicate that it has beneficial effects in treating Type 2 diabetes mellitus and obesity-related insulin resistance. The study done on rats shows that yacon normalizes hyperglycemia effectively by lowing hepatic glucose production and increasing whole-body insulin sensitivity.

Yacon contains fructooligosaccharides, which can help diabetic patients by improving the immunological intestinal barrier, notes a study listed by NCBI. Since increased levels of circulating bacteria are associated with insulin resistance, and yacon prevents enteric infection, yacon is shown to be beneficial to those with insulin resistance.