How Do You Write a Thank-You Note About Friendship?

When writing a note of thanks, consider the reasons for writing the note and what makes the friend so important. While working on the note, draft it in pencil before writing it in pen or typing it.

Written thank you notes are a good way of acknowledging the efforts of a close friend or a gift given. Creating these notes is not difficult. It only takes a few minutes of thinking to come up with some heartfelt words for this letter. Follow the steps below to draft the note.

  1. Consider the purpose of the note
  2. Think about why the note is being written to this friend. It is helpful to try to answer what makes the friend important and the specific event that led to the desire to write the note.

  3. Start a draft
  4. Use pencil and paper to write a short draft of the note. The basic formula for a note is to start with why the note is being written, include what the writer wants to say about the friend and end with a positive closing statement, according to

  5. Review and complete a final draft
  6. Look over the draft and make changes to it as desired. When the note is ready, rewrite it on a nice piece of stationery or in a card.