How Do You Write a Personal Ad?


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A personal ad should contain information about your personality, an honest description of your attributes, a specific description of the partner you intend to have and your clear intention of why you need a companion. Though being unique is important, be careful not to be excessively unique, as this may seem unrealistic to your potential partner.

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In describing your personality, be sure to include your attitude, your likes and dislikes, and your favorite activities. State who you are as well. An honest description of your attributes communicates your appearance to your potential partner in advance so that she becomes aware of the kind of person she is due to meet. For instance, avoid stating that you are tall when you are short in reality. Additionally, the description of your personal attributes should be comprehensive, possibly occupying about two-thirds of the total ad space.

To describe your potential partner, include both physical and non-physical attributes such as height, weight, sexual orientation, education level and age bracket. If needed, include religion, employment status and geographical location that you are seeking in your companion. Intentions may include friendship, getting married, having children and dating. Be clear and specific when stating you intention so that your potential companion knows what you expect from her in advance.

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