How Do You Write a Letter of Gratitude to Someone Who Helped You?

To write a letter of gratitude to someone who helped you, begin with a greeting and an expression of thanks. List in detail the things the person did to help, offer specifics as to how the person's help benefited you, and state eager anticipation to connect with the person in the future.

A greeting typically begin with "Dear" and then the person's name. For the greeting, it's important to spell the recipient's name correctly and address her in the way that she prefers. Next, it's important to include a direct expression of gratitude in the letter, as that is the letter's purpose. "Thank you," "I'm so grateful" and "It made my day" are examples of grateful expressions for this portion of the letter.

Next, to express details about the benefit of the person's help, include details of how you expect to use any physical items or gifts of money. If the person provided emotional support, describe how the help made you feel. If the help is a tangible item, a photograph of the item in use is also a nice addition to the letter of gratitude.

To personalize the letter, talk about looking forward to seeing the person soon. Alternatively, let the person know that she is often in your thoughts. Next, restate your gratitude in another way such as stating that the person's help is a blessing. Close the letter with a statement of regards such as "Sincerely" or "Yours truly" and then sign your name.