How do you write a letter to a granddaughter?


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To write a letter to a granddaughter, ensure that the language used is appropriate for the granddaughter's age. Ensure that the content of the letter pertains to something the child can relate to. Discuss common interests, offer advice, if required, and let her know how much you love her. To beautify the letter, include relevant photos, draw pictures and embellish the envelope.

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How do you write a letter to a granddaughter?
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If the granddaughter has just begun reading, use short sentences and keep the vocabulary simple. Also, include stock terms and phrases that are easy to read and understand for the child. Preferably, print the letter instead of using cursive writing. As your granddaughter grows, increase the sentence length and use more difficult words.

In the body of the letter, include an activity or an interesting incident that happened to you recently. Alternatively, focus on those activities that your granddaughter enjoys doing with you, such as walking, baking, feeding the birds or playing games. Discuss books, movies and songs that you both enjoy. Write about any plans for activities in the future that involve both of you.

If your granddaughter is going through troubled times, tell her that you are ready to listen to her woes and help her, through the letter. Plan a short visit, motivate her to build her self-confidence and give examples of how other family members overcame their problems.

Pictures and photographs included with the letter capture the attention quickly and evoke memories vividly. Finally, sign off the letter using a personalized salutation and signature.

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