What Are Some Wrist Rehabilitation Exercises?


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Wrist rehabilitation therapy includes stretching, extension and flexion exercises that improve strength and the range of motion in which the wrist operates when performing functional daily tasks, according to Harvard Medical School. A therapist recommends specific exercises based on the patient's level of impairment, strength and flexibility.

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A patient performs wrist extension and flexion with one forearm on a table and the hand hanging over the edge, palm down, explains Harvard Medical School. The hand moves upward until there is a slight stretching sensation, then returns to the start position. The exercise continues with the palm facing upward.

Other exercises include wrist supination and pronation with the elbow bent to a 90 degree angle. The forearm rotates, turning the palm of the hand upward and then down, notes Harvard Medical School. Additionally, the hand and tendon glide exercise begins with all fingers extended and then alternating the straight hand position with a hook fist, straight fist and full fist.

Stretching exercises help lengthen the tendons and muscles, reports Harvard Medical School. Strength exercises help develop power and endurance in the muscles around the joints. Patients should perform exercises deliberately and slowly for 10 repetitions each. They hold the positions for five to 10 seconds before repeating. Exercises should occur up to three times throughout the day. If a patient feels numbness or pain, he should contact his doctor.

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