How Do You Wrap a Shoulder With a Bandage?


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Wrap a shoulder with a bandage by forming an upper arm anchor and placing strips of tape in the form of shoulder crosses, states PhysioAdvisor. Use adhesive, non-stretch sports tape and a hypoallergenic tape as an underlay to limit unwanted movement.

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Taping the shoulder provides support and helps minimize stress on the shoulder during an activity, explains PhysioAdvisor. Shoulder taping is often used to treat and prevent shoulder injuries during high-risk sports, such as football and rugby. When applied correctly, shoulder taping should not cause pain, discoloration, numbness, itchiness or swelling around the shoulder area.

It is important to shave the area 12 hours before taping it to avoid skin irritation or painful hair removal, notes PhysioAdvisor. An individual should maintain an upright posture and position the hand on the hip while his shoulder is being wrapped.

After placing an underlay, put a band of tape around the upper arm in a gentle manner to prevent circulatory issues, says PhysioAdvisor. Next, start wrapping the side of the arm, and do one to three straight lines based on the amount of support needed. The additional lines should slightly overlap the previous lines. Finally, create shoulder crosses by taping the side of the arm starting at the upper arm anchor’s level. Use two bands of tape to form a cross, and do one to two crosses as necessary.

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