How Do You Wrap a Knee?


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Wrapping a knee involves placing a band of tape around the lower leg’s upper section and the thigh’s bottom area, says PhysioAdvisor. It is important to wrap the knee in a gentle manner to avoid circulatory issues.

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People typically use knee taping techniques to support the knee, specifically after a sprain, explains PhysioAdvisor. Taping techniques also help prevent having a sprained knee during an activity. Shave the knee 12 hours before applying the tape to avoid irritating the skin and experiencing painful hair removal, and wash the body to get rid of grease and sweat and ensure skin is clean and dry.

To wrap the knee, slightly bend the knee at around 30 degrees and allow the thigh muscles to contract, says PhysioAdvisor. Next, gently wrap a strip of tape around the leg and thigh. Then, start taping at the lower leg anchor’s level on the inner part of the knee. The last step is applying tape at the thigh anchor’s level. Use two strips of tape to form a cross.

When wrapping an injured knee, WebMD advises loosening the bandage if it becomes extremely tight. Avoid covering the knee very tightly, as this can lead to more swelling near the sore area. It is important to loosen the bandage when feeling numbness, a tingling sensation, coolness, worse pain or swelling below the bandaged region.

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