Why Would You Want to Change Your Diet If You Have Liver Cancer?

Changing your diet after a liver cancer diagnosis helps you keep up your strength and avoid excessive weight loss while decreasing the amount of work your liver needs to do during the digestive process, according to Everyday Health. A diet of small, frequent meals of nutrition-packed, organic foods is a good choice for liver cancer patients.

Added chemical content in processed foods and nonorganic produce requires extra processing by the liver, states Everyday Health. Choosing unprocessed foods and organic produce allows for less work by the liver leaving more body resources for fighting cancer. Choosing low-fat foods is another way to reduce the amount of processing required by the liver. Adding nutritional supplement bars and drinks to the diet packs in extra nutrition while being quick to grab during low strength periods.

Frequent, small meals help reduce nausea, maintains Everyday Health. Eating a small portion of food every three hours is less overwhelming than trying to eat a large meal when your stomach doesn't feel right. Ginger naturally reduces nausea, making it a great choice during liver cancer treatment. Boiling chopped, fresh ginger makes a mild tea that is easy to drink. Focusing on bland foods is other way to keep eating through nausea to avoid losing too much weight.