Where Would You Use a Grounding Mat for Sleeping?

A grounding mat is typically placed on top of a bed on which it is used for sleeping. The mat plugs into the grounding slot on a wall electrical outlet to provide a source of contact between a person and the Earth. When not being slept on it can be used for a foot rest while seated anywhere or under your arms. Grounding mats claim to induce improved sleeping while reducing stress through a process called Earthing.

Earthing sleep systems including mats, sheets and recovery bags can also be purchased with grounding rods for use in homes without electrical grounds or to provide a superior direct ground source. The grounding rod is installed into the earth outside of a bedroom window or wall that is nearest to the bed. A grounding wire is connected from the ground rod to the grounding mat, or other sleep system, to complete the circuit.

The Earthing concept is based on a belief that increased isolation from contact with the earth by the non-conductive materials that people wear, walk and live on such as rubber and plastic shoe soles as well as wood, plastic, laminate and asphalt surfaces is detrimental to their overall health. The proposed concept is that the electrical field of the human body needs to interact with the electrical field of the earth to provide energy and vitality.