Why Would Someone Want to Have Lower Eyelid Surgery?


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A person might want to have lower eyelid surgery because her lower eyelids are drooping or puffy. This condition can make the person look tired even when she's not. It can also make her look older than she is. Badly drooping lower eyelids can even interfere with vision.

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Lower eyelid surgery is a type of blepharoplasty. It's usually an outpatient procedure, and one eye is done at a time. During blepharoplasty, the area to be operated on is numbed and the patient is given a sedative to help her relax. When the lower eyelid is operated on, the surgeon makes an incision below the eyelashes in one of the eye's natural creases. He then removes or repositions any excess fat and tissue. The incision can then be closed with sutures or skin glue.

The patient rests for a while in the recovery room and is then taken home. It is a good idea for someone to drive the patient home and stay with her for a day or two. The doctor prescribes pain medication and instructs the patient on how to minimize any discomfort. He may instruct her on how to apply cool compresses to her eyes, to sleep with her head elevated and other techniques.

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