Why Would Someone's Hands and Feet Itch All the Time?

The causes of itchy hands and feet may include conditions such as psoriasis, diabetes, scabies, eczema or weather patterns. To correctly treat itchy hands and feet, an individual should consider other symptoms that may indicate the exact cause, according to WebMD.

Below are some details regarding conditions that may cause itchy hands and feet.


This is a skin condition that is closely associated with family lineage. An individual with the condition is likely to experience itchy palms and soles of the feet. Other symptoms may include stiff joints, soreness around affected areas, bumps filled with pus and itchiness in various body parts such as the elbow, face and lower back.


This condition is caused by a pest called the human itch mite. Young children are more prone to experiencing itchiness in the hands and soles of the feet when affected. Other symptoms to watch out for include development of pimply rash, sores, increased itchiness during the night, tiny blisters and scales.


This usually occurs when the human skin gets into contact with a foreign substance. Some allergic reactions are characterized by itchiness of the hands and feet. Other symptoms that may be experienced include development of rashes, burning and stinging, blisters and dry skin.


People who are going through a period of anxiety and stress may also experience itchy hands and feet, notes MD-health.com.