Why Would Someone Need a Knee Replacement?


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A person may need a knee replacement when dealing with joint complications, such as arthritis, deformities or injury. This procedure basically deals with removal of a person's natural knee joint and replacing it with an artificial one in order to ensure proper movement or ease of pain. More than 4.5 million Americans have had knee replacement surgery, according to a report by the Los Angeles Times.

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Why Would Someone Need a Knee Replacement?
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One of the main reasons why an individual may require knee replacement is to correct arthritis related complications. When a person is affected by arthritis, he or she may eventually experience severe damage to the joints. Pain and inflammation are some of the things associated with arthritis which is why doctors may recommend knee replacement surgery.

When involved in an accident or an unfortunate incident that causes extensive damage to the knee, doctors may recommend replacement. Doctors usually examine the extent of damage and prescribe a treatment most suitable. In a few cases, knee replacement may be done to correct deformities such as bow legs or knock knees.

Before carrying out a surgery involving knee replacement, most doctors explore alternatives such as exercises, weight loss, walking aids, shoe inserts and medicine. Physiotherapy may also help relieve knee pain and correct mild complications.

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