Why Would Someone Need Dental Implants?


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Someone may need dental implants to enhance their speech, appearance or eating abilities, according to WebMD. People usually have dental implants to replace missing teeth.

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Why Would Someone Need Dental Implants?
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When people lose teeth due to gum disease or gingivitis, they may use dental implants as an alternative to bridges or dentures, WebMD states. Some of their reasons for doing so may include enhancing their appearance, as implants fuse with bone and look like real teeth. In addition, they may find that dentures slip and make it difficult to form words, whereas dental implants do not. Similarly, the way they fuse with teeth makes them more comfortable and makes it easier to eat.

Other motivations for dental implants may include convenient oral health, WebMD highlights. Unlike dentures, there is no need to remove them or use adhesives to keep them in place. Individuals who do not want to alter their teeth while benefiting from enhanced oral health may need dental implants, as there is no need to manipulate nearby teeth to fit them. There are other clinical reasons for needing implants, Mayo Clinic claims. This includes having reached full jaw bone growth, being unable to wear dentures and having other oral health issues. Individuals who have implants need to commit a few months to completing the process.

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