Why Would Someone Keep Waking up With Leg Cramps?

Why Would Someone Keep Waking up With Leg Cramps?

Individuals may wake up with leg cramps because of muscle overuse, taking certain medicines and exposure to extreme cold temperatures. A majority of people experience leg cramps at some point in life, according to MedicineNet.com.

People who engage in extreme exercise are likely to develop muscle cramps because their muscles are strained by frequent activity. Such people are also prone to injury, which is another reason individuals may experience painful sensations when they wake up.

Those who do not consume adequate amounts of fluids or those who engage in activities that cause dehydration may end up experiencing muscle cramps. To remedy the situation, individuals should always take plenty of water or any other healthy drinks.

Insufficient levels of potassium and calcium in the body may lead to muscle cramps because bones and muscles are not well developed. Taking foods that are rich in these minerals is likely to remedy the condition.

Pregnancy is another cause of leg cramps. This is because the pregnant woman is adding weight while at the same time she may not be getting enough aforementioned minerals. Massages and eating a balanced diet can help remedy cramps caused by pregnancy.

Taking a warm shower to relax muscles, placing heat or cold pads on the affected areas and painkillers are all effective ways to deal with leg cramps, notes WebMD.