Why Would Someone Feel Nauseous Every Time He or She Eats?

Nausea after eating is a very discomforting feeling that can be caused by food poisoning, improper eating, indigestion, acute gastroenteritis, rumination, gastroesophageal reflux disease, cyclic vomiting syndrome, anxiety, stress, viral infection or acid reflux. It can also be caused due to pregnancy, food allergy or peptic disease.

The most effective way of handing this problem is to adjust eating habits. Chewing thoroughly is important to reduce the chance of developing nausea. Also, try to eliminate stress to avoid nausea. If severe vomiting, chest pains, diarrhea, fainting, abdominal pain, blurred vision, cold or cramping occurs after eating, consult a doctor. Alcoholism, heart failure and heart attack can also be a cause of nausea and vomiting after eating, according to the Mayo Clinic.