Why Would Your Skin Feel Like It Is Burning?

Why Would Your Skin Feel Like It Is Burning?

There are several reasons that could cause the skin to feel as though it is burning, such as nerve damage and skin disorders. The sensation could also be caused by adverse side effects to medication or due to irritant contact with the skin.

A burning sensation accompanied by a rash or hives could be a number of things, such as eczema, an allergic reaction to a plant or medication, or an insect bite. While unpleasant, these tend to be easy to treat with over-the-counter medications, home remedies or a short visit to the doctor.

Nerve damage commonly causes a burning feeling on the skin. Those who suffer with issues such as sciatica or diabetes may encounter this sensation. Various treatments are available to ease the discomfort, with options ranging from topical remedies, a prescription for painkillers or electronic nerve stimulation therapy.

Another cause for a burning sensation on the skin is as an early symptom of shingles. This is a virus that remains dormant after having contracted chicken pox, and once it becomes active, painful blisters can develop on the site of the burning feeling. While shingles cannot be cured, antiviral medicines, painkillers and topical ointments can be prescribed to treat the symptoms.

Other causes for burning skin are measles, chicken pox, cellulitis, lice and ringworm. It is recommended that if symptoms persist or if the individual is at all concerned, a doctor should be seen as soon as possible.