Why Would an Oxford Partial Knee Replacement Come Loose?


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An Oxford Partial Knee replacement can come loose if the particles in the implant wear down and thin the bone, according to its manufacturer, Biomet, Inc. If this occurs, the implant can be repaired, but the damage caused to the bone may require a total knee replacement to correct.

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All mechanical implants are subject to wear, which can lead to unavoidable mechanical failure, explains Biomet. The rate at which the implant wears differs between patients and depends on the patient's age, activity level and weight. To reduce the likelihood of mechanical failures occurring earlier than usual, patients are advised to follow recovery guidelines given by their physicians closely, but there is still no way to prevent failures from occurring.

A partial knee replacement is used if only a small section of the cartilage in the knee is damaged, states Biomet. The surgery for this type of replacement requires a smaller incision than a total knee replacement, making recovery time much shorter. The surgery does not require the surgeon to remove pieces of the bone, which results in an overall cheaper procedure.

Partial knee replacement patients can return to normal activities three to four weeks following surgery with more rigorous activities requiring wait periods of six to 12 weeks, notes Biomet. However, knee replacement patients are permanently barred from certain activities such as running, skiing, contact sports and even such sports as basketball and tennis.

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