Why Would You Need to Get Your Dentures Relined?


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Dentures need to be relined periodically because the gum tissue tends to change in size with time. Relining ensures a precise fit of the dentures over the gum tissue. This eliminates problems such as irritation and instability that could cause gum soreness and impair normal speech, states Dr. Barry McArdle.

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The gum tissue in the mouth has a tendency to shrink soon after teeth are lost. If the dentures have been inserted immediately after tooth extraction, relining might be required as early as three to four months after denture placement as the gum-tissue size decreases maximally during this period. After this, it occurs more gradually, necessitating denture relining around once every five years, says Dr. Barry McArdle.

Changes in the gum tissue can also occur post surgery, after weight loss and immediately after extraction. All these necessitate relining of the dentures. Sometimes, relining is also required for proper conditioning of the gum tissue, so that it may come back to its optimum health. Quite often, people choose to reline dentures to avoid remaking them, as this proves to be more cost-effective. Relining also acts as a means of repairing the dentures, so they may give a comfortable fit without hindering eating and speech, states ComfortDentalCare.

Some signs that indicate the need for denture relining are gum soreness, inefficient chewing, hindrance when speaking and aesthetic issues, reports First Choice Denture Service Inc.

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