Why Would Men Need an Estrogen Blocker?


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Aging men need an estrogen blocker to help maintain the balance between estrogen and testosterone levels. Maintaining hormonal balance is important because men's testosterone levels decrease and their estrogen levels increase as they age, putting them at an increased risk for many degenerative diseases and lowering libido, explains Life Extension.

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In aging men and men who suffer from Type 2 Diabetes, testicular cancer, obesity, chronic liver disease, kidney disease and HIV/AIDS, lowered testosterone levels lead to loss of libido, reduced sperm production, erectile dysfunction and fatigue. It can also lead to reduced bone density, making bones more fragile, explains WebMD.

If lowered testosterone levels are accompanied by excess estrogen levels, the risk of many degenerative diseases in men, such as prostate cancer, atherosclerosis and stroke, increases, according to Life Extension. Men are also at a greater risk of obesity, bone fractures and developing gynecomastia, according to Healthline.

Men can act to prevent these negative effects of an imbalance between testosterone and estrogen levels by taking estrogen blockers. Usually an aromatase inhibitor, these blockers suppress aromatization of testosterone to estradiol, the active estrogen in men. This helps to reduce estrogen levels to safe ranges, and it increases testosterone levels in aging men, which helps maintain hormone balance, according to Life Extension.

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