Why Would a Man Want You to Meet His Mother?

While its possible he thinks you are the best thing to ever happen to him, there are many different reasons why a man would want his partner to meet his mother and family. One way to ensure that you are clear about his intentions is to ask him.

There are two common reasons why a man might want to introduce his significant other to his mother. First, he sees his partner as a long-term or even permanent part of his life and wants to share this with his family. The second is that he wants his mother's opinion and/or her approval of his relationship choice. The two factors are not mutually exclusive, as for some men their mother's approval is an integral part of their choice to remain with a partner.

Deciding to introduce you to his mother may mean that he is confident enough in you and in your relationship together that he does not care what others think and wants to share you with all who are important to him.