Why Would a Man Dislike Other Men?


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A man may dislike other men because of negative experiences he had as a child, such as being rejected by other men. He may not share the same interests or possess a more sensitive personality that other men have ridiculed in the past. He may view the behavior of typical men in a negative light and be turned off by competitive behavior and anti-intellectualism.

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He also may have been compared to a male sibling who was more willing to partake in typically gendered activities. This comparison is usually made by a father figure and leads the man to believe that his differing interests are trivial compared to the interests of other men. Conversely, a lack of exposure to a father figure or brother could cause resentment simply because the man only had the chance to interact with his mother and sisters; this could cause the man to feel foreign in the presence of other men.

A man may also dislike other men because of the stereotypical traits they display. These traits include unemotional communication, teasing and strict adherence to societal gender roles. The competitive nature of men is also a reason of to dislike them, particularly those who regularly attempt to put others down to rise to a higher rank among their group. The likelihood of men hanging out in said groups, which are typically composed of men who have known each other for a long time, can also be intimidating to another man.

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